When you join Brite you get to work with a hand-selected and battle-tested team of extraordinary human beings who are passionately engaged on a mission to positively influence kids and help them to be successful in the future.

We pursue our work with a relentless commitment to EXCELLENCE. And we constantly strive to improve.

We are not looking for the average or the norm. We are looking for AWESOMENESS.

Do you want to build a legacy instead of just doing “work”?
Do you enjoy being gatekeeper of exceptional customer experience while raising the bar for quality every day?
Would you ever miss an opportunity to discover and mentor next Zuckerberg or Bezos?

Simply put…

We need YOU to help us grow in our quest to be the best positive influencers we can be, increasing our global impact.

If inside you are saying “Heck Yeah!” please send us your resume via our contact form


We are always on the lookout for awesome Web Developers, Product Managers, Marketing Managers and Interns who wants to learn from the best.