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In the modern world, there are cultural and economic barriers that tend to restrict who becomes scientifically literate to the extent of inhibiting innovation or the initiation of a career. People think about science and scientists a certain way, often not realizing that they may only have part of the whole picture. In Not the Science Type, a four-part docu-series, several female scientists are followed to help show what diverse perspectives bring to scientific fields.

Each part of the docu-series covers a specific scientist, demonstrating the particular and unique brilliance inherent to each individual. Fields of study for these women scientists include biology, engineering, science, and technology-centered applications of new as well as existing scientific data.

Owing to economic and cultural factors, exclusivity tends to be something all too common for many trying to get a foot in the door of professional scientific enterprises. In Not the Science Type, four astonishing ladies help shed light on this issue, and provide an additional perspective to the viewer so they can themselves come away with a more full understanding of how scientific communities operate.

Scientists explored in this docu-series include 15-year-old inventor Gitanjali Rao, a nuclear engineer and elementary school math mentor Dr. Ciara Sivels, microbiologist Dr. Jessica Taaffe, and Dr. Jayshree Seth, a chemical engineer.

Each entry in the series comes complete with its own discussion guide to facilitate classroom discussion on the accomplishments of these exceptional minds from diverse quarters of the scientific community.

View the videos here:  3M – Not The Science Type Documentaries

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