Science Curriculum Resource for All Educators

Looking for ways to present your science curriculum so that it engages your students?  For science educators of any stripe, Science Friday is a digital event worth attending. Every Friday there’s a new collection of podcasts that define a broad selection of diverse topics. Beyond audio podcasts, the digital event includes various articles and a visual element incorporating videos. Topics explored include science from space, traditional physics, biology, chemistry, and more. Also, the focus of Science Friday is adult educators, meaning the tone of associated materials is mature.

For example, on the first Friday of June, 2022, the featured video was “Breakthrough: The Lake Sentinel”. In this segment, a modern scientist used satellite data as a means of helping often marginalized or otherwise under-served communities.

Another podcast explored information about medical marijuana, legalization issues, and scientific application of associated data. From there the podcast touched on how the discovery of oceanic viruses previously unknown helps modern marine biologists understand the ecosystems where those viruses came from.

In terms of written materials, there was a piece on how educators can present solar system orbits to scale within the classroom, including strategies for engaging students between sixth and eighth grade.

Biological sciences, chemistry, space technology, and even traditional physics represented June third’s Science Friday. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. Weekly, passionate educators get a chance to explore the latest data in a diversity of fields as presented by industry professionals who understand their areas of study backward, and how best to present associated info to listeners.

Science Friday is a great way to edify yourself as an educator, and determine new approaches to scientific curricula in the classroom. Read on to explore diverse discoveries and strategies made available weekly through Science Friday.

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