Adding Spice to STEM Activities for Sumer Camps or the Classroom!

Coding summer camp provides very real STEM skills to students, but it doesn’t always sound like a lot of fun. Everybody wants to be in perfect shape, nobody wants to hit the gym. Still, people do enjoy playing games of sport that enhance physical excellence. Similarly, there are ways to have fun in coding class that certainly enhance what would otherwise be a bore, and make STEM education more exciting for students.

The following article explores seven virtual activities that can make summer coding class much more interesting. They include virtual scavenger hunts, virtual icebreakers and other games of introduction, polls, quizzes, questionnaires, virtual field trips, digital escape rooms, the “write and show” game, and virtual brain breaks. Different students will respond to certain methods of approach in ways that match their preferences. Hopefully the following tips help STEM educators spice things up.

Check out these seven ideas

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