STEM Podcasts for Kids: Think of Lightfin Casefiles

STEM Podcasts for Kids: Think of Lightfin Casefiles like a sort of audio journey much like the Finding Nemo movies, where the host pretends to be a fish solving mysteries in the ocean. Critical thinking of a problem-solving variety is integral to any STEM field. This podcast is produced by a dedicated staff who have made quality production their mission. “Lightfin Casefiles” leans into the “mystery” side of things, and is designed for children who aren’t yet in their teen years. Development of problem-solving skills early on is key to success in STEM fields. In addition to exploring varying child-appropriate mysteries, this podcast regularly seasons each episode with fun scientific facts pertaining to fish and other ocean-going creatures across the world’s seas. Each episode ends with a message that involves taking good care of the earth’s aquatic ecosystems. Check out Lightfin Casefiles for oceangoing, educational fun.

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