STEM Resources: Podcasts for Kids – Brains On

“Brains On” has won awards for its excellence in scientific presentation. While it’s a podcast primarily designed for children, adults listening may find there’s ample material to engage their interest as well. This podcast goes into detail about modern perspectives in biology and cosmology. It explores subjects like the body’s digestion system, and why children may think the way they do about certain topics. Complex topics like human immune systems, how snow crystals are formed, and whether or not our existence is part of a multi-dimensional reality made up of different universes are all explored; and in a way that’s mentally digestible for children.

Listen along with your child, and you may find a few answers to questions you forgot you had filed away in the back of your mind. As the name of the podcast suggests, this is a great option to help imaginatively activate you and your child’s brains.

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