STEM & the Science of Baseball!

Leaning Into Actual Student Interests: STEM and The Baseball Hall of Fame

Many educators don’t realize The Baseball Hall of Fame takes a direct interest in helping students learn. This American institution offers 15 lesson plans totally free, and aligned with trends in modern math, and English such as Common Core. Totally free curricula includes mathematics, social studies, the arts, science, and character education. Ultimately, the scope of available learning materials goes beyond traditional Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), while yet including these fundamental educational options.

For athletes, this is a key engagement tactic. Baseball mathematics are integral, the pastime has even been called the “chess” of sports. STEM is used on the field for footage, lighting, and field management. In the dugout and locker-room, tech and science help professional players recover. This requires scientific application of human biology. Proper player spas and oxygen chambers require engineering.

Every aspect of life can be related to STEM, if you think about it, and sports are no exception; but most youngsters who love such games never take that into account. The Baseball Hall of Fame helps with their free curricula. Students become naturally invested because they see direct application of classroom education, rather than having to abstract relevance on their own—something even adults struggle with, honestly.

A few key courses through The Baseball Hall of Fame include “Statistics, Batter Up!”, which regards the way math we use every day directly applies to how baseball is played. In “Geometry, Circling the Bases”, students will get to see how geometry ultimately impacts the way Baseball is played. “Economics: Business of Baseball”, meanwhile, shows the economic side of supply and demand that facilitates our national pastime. Read on to see what else The Baseball Hall of Fame has to offer budding young minds.

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