“What If World” : A Podcast for Children

The host of “What If World” is a gentleman by the name of Mr. Eric. Mr. Eric draws in his young audience every week with an anticipated question from one of the avid child listeners of his podcast. The question is then spun into a unique story for everyone listening. It’s a great option for stimulating a child’s imagination. Sometimes the simplest questions can lead to the most intricate and fascinating stories. For children that have a keen interest in STEM fields, this is a great podcast as it teaches them to think out of the box in an organic way that makes such thinking, at least to a small degree, second nature.

Patreon options include on-show shout-outs, bonus audio, stories free of ads, and much more. For the inquisitive and imaginative child in your family, this is an excellent option. As Einstein himself said, imagination is more important than knowledge. Well, “What If World” definitely helps stimulate imagination.

Recent topics include:

  • What if Fred the Dog fell in love?
  • What if coffee made you tired instead of awake?
  • What if Fred licked the Internet?

The target audience appears to be late elementary school to junior high school. 

To learn more visit www.WhatIfWorldpodcast.com

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