4 Reasons Why STEM Education Sets Kids Up for Success

If you want a brighter future for your child, it’s time to invest in their STEM education. While everyone understands the significance of STEM in our daily lives, the 2019 Trends in International and Mathematics Science Study unfortunately revealed that American students are falling behind in STEM proficiency.

This is worrying, especially since early STEM education can set kids up for success in various areas of their lives. STEM can transform your kid’s life for the better, and here’s why you should start paying attention to it:

Enhanced Skill Sets

A lack of proficiency in STEM doesn’t just affect a child’s ability to calculate numbers or navigate through software programs — it also has an impact on their overall development.

In fact, the World Economic Forum stresses that STEM education is necessary in improving the skills, attitudes, and even the values of kids as global citizens. STEM proficiency will better prepare future generations for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which will blur the boundaries between the physical, digital, and biological worlds. The more children who take an interest in STEM subjects and pursue it as a career, the more skilled specialists there will be to aid in future crises. The skills acquired in a STEM education can also be applied to many different industries outside of traditional STEM fields.

Better Learning Absorption

Apart from having in-depth knowledge and advanced skills, STEM also enhances their ability to understand and tackle other subject matters.

The good news is that educational institutions are starting to adopt Socio-Scientific Issues programs to improve students’ problem-solving skills in STEM and other subjects. This innovative approach allows young kids to think critically and innovatively when it comes to real-life situations. As a result, institutions are able to optimize the learning process of their students.

Increased Job Security

The benefits of STEM aren’t limited to students’ academic success. Their proficiency in these subjects is a huge advantage once they start their own careers.

Now that more businesses are prioritizing innovation, LHH’s Compensation & Workforce Trends Report reveals that tech professionals will be the most essential workers for a company’s future success. In fact, about half of the organizations are even investing in tech training opportunities to prepare their workforce for long-term success. As organizations continue to innovate and advance, you can expect that STEM skills will be in-demand for a long, long time.

Greater Empowerment for Women

STEM is unfortunately viewed as a profession that’s solely for boys, and UNICEF highlights that this affects the confidence of girls in their STEM abilities. These gender gaps have an impact on girls’ engagement, interest, and enjoyment, which is why it’s critical that they have role models to look up to. This is why it is important that we have special days, like the International Day of Women in Science which celebrates pioneering women. A young girl who takes up STEM today could be part of a generation of scientists who inspire future generations.

STEM education plays a huge role in your kid’s academic, professional, and personal success. Investing in their STEM education is crucial to unlocking the keys to a better, smarter, and more critical way of life!

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